June 12, 2011

roller skating party

Miss Divine up and decided to turn eight in the midst of all the chaos. With out even asking I dare say. Where does the time go?? One minute you have sweet babes babbling and cooing. And, the next moment is filled with raging hormones, sports, BFFs and whether or not an outfit looks cute. She, of course, has been nothing but thrilled about being a year older. I must admit 8 is a pretty magical age to be. And, I only wish for Miss Divine that hers is filled to the brim with it. 
We celebrated her actual birthday with a roller skating party at the local roller rink. It was a blast!
Probably the easiest party I've ever hosted. I loved it! 

After the party, we surprised Miss Divine with a trip to the bike shop so she could pick out her birthday present. She has been clunking around on the same wee bike since she was four and it was painfully obvious she had outgrown it as her knees practically bumped into her chin when she rode it.

That evening we took her to Red Robin for the obligatory song singing and ice cream sundae. (Her choice). 
Happy Birthday Miss Divine!
We love you!

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IMALIVE said...

Very cute! What did you put inside the favor bags? Such a great idea!