June 18, 2010

fraise frappe

Today I faced the one nagging question I haven't prepared myself for when looking into our summer vacation together, the kids and me.
"What's for lunch?"
My first look is to the pantry.
Second, I opened the refrigerator.
We had some strawberries going south hanging around. And, since our groceries are on short supply this week, we decided to make a fun lunch in honor of the sun finally peeking out. I've never made smoothies or homemade milkshakes before in my life, but I've been around the block and have seen them made a time or two. Making these yummy treats is not hard at all and a great alternative to everyday PBandJ.
I simply cut up some strawberries, added some yogurt plus a splash of blueberry juice I had on hand. I added ice as I blended and voila. Totally easy. The kids loved it. They love anything with a straw. And I was happy to sneak in a few ingredients they don't normally eat. Gotta love that!!

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