June 8, 2010

under the sea mobiles

A couple months ago I spied on Project Wedding these adorable paper mobiles. I decided right there and then, I would make some in blue hues for Miss Divine's Under the Sea (mermaid) party. I've had the vellum for a long time but with the party this Saturday, I finally got my rear in gear to get this project finished. So last night I cut the paper into 1 inch strips. Sewed them together with transparent thread. I used a cute little seahorse my friend brought me to weigh down the mobiles because if you don't the vellum will curl up. I also hung some cute little jelly fish on the chandelier. Voila...cute huh?!? I'm on the fence about making more. They are easy and I have enough paper but I'm not sure I want to over do it. Some are cute....but a lot gives it that 'WOW' factor. We will see. I also want to put some white balloons in the corner to represent bubbles but I wonder if my efforts will be lost on the girls. More to come...

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