June 3, 2010

our time together has gone too fast

This morning was Petite Artiste's last day of preschool before summer vacation. The event was more bittersweet for some than others as these ten months went by in a blink. We have another year at this little school so although we are one year closer to closing the book on this chapter of our lives, I wasn't sad about "never" going to see this little school where "play is the greatest research" again.

Miss P started off doing a little exploration with water and mixing colors.

Then she sampled the sensory of feet painting.Then a little bubble blowing. The tubes were her favorite.
After she rode the hay bails western style with her bestest buddy.
The sun peeked out just in time for some lunch...
...and smores making at the fire pit.
The pond was the next draw.
Petite Artiste searched for her tadpoles.
But only came up with mud.
And then,
just like that,
it was over.


Three cheers for a happy summer!

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