February 5, 2010

you aint never had a friend like me

Miss Divine and El Fuego tried out their acting chops in Aladdin this week. Miss Divine enjoyed memorizing all the songs and thought it was pretty cool mommy had the actual soundtrack on CD from when the movie came out way back when. She thought I was pure magic when I belted out the tunes and asked, with wide eyes, "how do you know the songs??" El Fuego enjoys all the background preparations for these little recitals but being in front of the audience causes him to look like we are asking him to pull out his own teeth. One. By. One. I give you exhibit A.

I have about 57 other pictures where his facial expression looks like this. His best defense is to just not look at the people sitting two feet away from him and directing the other kids on their stage presence and feeding lines.

The kids with the acting teacher, Mr. H.

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