February 9, 2010

will she sleep there?

Since moving into our new (to us) abode, the youngest of our clan, Petite Artiste, has had a hard time adjusting. She doesn't like to sleep in her room or be left alone anywhere in the house. When she was born, the three (very close together) bedrooms of our old house were filled. We had her crib in the master bedroom until she was about five months old and slept through the night. We then moved her crib into her sister's bedroom which was also the smallest room in the house. Once cribs and toddler beds were a thing of the past, a bunk bed was put in their place. She's not had a space of her own since birth. She's always just bunked with someone and from what we know now, she liked it that way.

The weekend we moved, my mom happened to be in town. She took Petite Artiste home with her so we could get more accomplished in quick fashion. She loved her special time with Grandma, but when she returned from her weekend whirlwind, she didn't arrive at the house, and bedroom, she thought she would. We were swimming in boxes and living in chaos. This had more of an impact on her than we realized. She still refers to the old house, her first house, as the "born house". The house she was born in.

She's adjusted. And, the more settled we become, the happier she appears to be. We struggle with her sleeping in her bed right now. Every night, she stands at the side of my bed pleading to "sleep to you?" Today, she and I rearranged her living quarters. My hope is by helping move things and around and deciding where things go, she'll find ownership in her bedroom. I want her to enjoy her own special space. And, I really want her to sleep in her own bed.

Sleeping quarters.

Play corner.

And, just outside her window there is a tree with a shape that resembles a heart. We aptly dubbed it "the heart tree".

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