February 20, 2010

who do, Yudu

We were veggin' out at my parents' house the other weekend and an infomercial about a little something called Yudu flashed across the screen. At first I thought "oh geez, give me a break." But, I have to admit, I paused to listen. It only took a pause. They had me at one word. Screenprint! After watching about three seconds of this little machine, I was drooling. I wanted to know the price and I wanted to get my hands on it. Fast!! Unfortunately it's out of my price range by a lot which makes me oh-so sad. I haven't stopped thinking about it though. I just read about it on Design Mom which only makes me want one even more. I would love to have it because I know I would use it. Currently, I'm trying to make "STAFF" t-shirts and hats for Petite Artiste's birthday party and I've bungled up two tries. It's not working. I keep thinking about the Yudu and how I would probably be done with the five t-shirts and hats right now. I would probably be showing you pictures of them all right now too. But sadly, I am not.

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