February 5, 2010

quick and easy

I was browsing a party store the other day and I came across these cute little party favors/gifts. It was a clear paint bucket filled with candy, tied with a bow and a cute sticker. I looked at the price and it was $7.95. I thought eight bucks for that??!! Remembering I just seen cute clear paint cans at Michael's (the craft and art store for all your arts and crafts needs), I embarked on my mission. Miss Divine was invited to a birthday party recently and we don't know the little girl very well. Wanting to give something cute and fun without spending a lot was my goal.

I bought one of those cans from Michael's which happened to be double the size for two dollars and ninety-nine cents. I made my way to the bulk candy section at a local grocery store and purchased some cute candies. With a little ribbon and a homemade sticker made by Miss Divine, we created a cute gift for under five bucks. I am please.

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