May 28, 2009

this and that

  • Last night I went to Hot Pilates and sweated profusely. After getting home, I took a shower and went to bed with wet hair. This does not make for a good look in the morning. Too tired and unwilling to shower again, I decided to embrace the curls and used a curling iron I bought a few months back. The heat from the curling helped with the frizz and after using a little product, it looks okay. I am happy.
  • Petite Artiste is potty trained. She has been wearing underwear 24/7 for about a week now. She still has an occasional accident here and there, but being that she is brand new to this whole pee in the pot trick, she is doing great. She has a bladder like an iron trap door though and only goes a few times a day. I load her up on liquids as much as I can force her to drink so who knows.
  • Frieda, the super mutt, has not been acting 100% these days. She has lost a good amount of weight in her hind quarters. And, recently she has taken up labored breathing as if she is a smoker trying to climb 15 floors of stairs. At night she almost growls out her breath and tends to cough when it becomes too much. I called the vet yesterday and I take her in today. I am hopeful for the best, but prepared for the worse. I don't want her to suffer and she has lived a good, long life with us. Although I would be sad to let her go, I know it would be best if her prognoses is to be bleak. We shall see.
  • Oh the house! At least once a day I get asked the same question: "so what is going on with your house?" Long story, short: nothing. Nothing is going on with the house. After relisting May 5th, we've seen very little traffic. We lost valuable time being tied up with the soon to be divorcee whose husband will never let her get a divorce and I'm a tad bitter about it. With each passing day we get closer to our once closing date of June 15. The house we wanted, and had lined up to purchase, has now become active to inspection meaning we have lost it. I've lost hope.

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