May 7, 2009

random, random-ness

  • The sun came out after two days of straight rain. So I bought some potted plants, cleaned off the deck and spoofed up my staging skills.
  • Sweet black tea from Starbucks is darn right yummy!
  • Our house is officially back on the market....
  • I've yet to get a Hanna Andersson article of clothing that doesn't fall apart. What up Hanna? I thought your clothes were supposed to last through generations of children??
  • One week until Kelly's visit!
  • I took myself for a fabulous facial last night which included tinting of the eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • El Fuego took a shower from start to finish all by his lonesome....FREEDOM!!!!
  • I'm thinking cereal would be a delightful dinner option.
  • I very much wish Petite Artiste was potty trained, but I lack the energy to do anything about actually potty training her.
  • I miss possessing the ability to download pictures off my camera and posting them here....

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

I love Starbuck AppleChai Infusion!!! Yum! Congrats on the shower success and amen on the potty training, maybe this summer..... Have fun with your friend!!!