May 2, 2009

hello may

Can you believe it's May already? Here is it Saturday, an hour to noon, and I've just realized another week has passed. Before I know it, it will be Sunday and another week will be just beginning. When growing up, it felt like it took forever for my birthday to come and Christmas?!? Hoo-Boy, don't get me started on how long I waited for that holiday to come around. Now that I'm older, and wiser (wink, wink), the days, weeks, months just fly by. Another day, another holiday. It all melds into one another in a blink of an eye. Crazy!

Today is PICTURE DAY for El Fuego's baseball team and Miss Divine's softball team. And, after three glorious days of sunshine the weather has turned sour just in time. However, I hear overcast days are best for photos. I'm sure they will be cute regardless.

Mr. Hawthorne took El Fuego to his hair cut last night. I must admit, it is by far the best hair cut he has ever had. His hair grows quite fast so in between trims, he sports a rather long shag with ginger waves going every which way. And, haircuts makes for a dramatic difference.

Have I mentioned I have a major crush on Facebook? I dare say, I'm slightly addicted. Finding old school chums and long lost friends has proven to be highly enjoyable. However, it is a major time suck so I have been trying to cut back to only checking it two or three times a day. Bwahahahaha!!!!

My darling friend is coming from Michigan to see me in two weeks. I'm so excited! We met while working together at a long gone retail establishment many, many years ago. She was my maid-of-honor when I got married. She cracks me up and we've had many adventures together. Including this one:

I'm looking to recreate this picture when she is in town.

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