May 11, 2009

lil slugger

Yesterday ended on an eventful note. The neighbor's "big" kids were outside playing catch and El Fuego and Miss Divine, being little league kids, wanted to join in. Unfortunately, Miss Divine caught the baseball with her face. Luckily, she was wearing her glasses and that most likely saved her little eyeball. She had an instant gushing nose bleed which was what I thought all that happened at first. Then we realized it was her eye and cheek that was in worse shape. My neighbor is also a nurse, so she check Miss Divine out. As a precaution, we called Children's Hospital information line, and they directed us to the E.R. All in all, she is fine. I'm keeping her home from school this morning. She is bruised and swollen and her nose is sort of off to the side. But, she is a tough cookie and is in good spirits.

The morning after....

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Carrie said...

Poor thing! I'm glad she's okay!