May 22, 2009

kelly visits

Last weekend I was treated with a visit of my oldest and dearest friend. A couple years ago, I boarded the plane to fly out to Michigan to see her and this time she flew out to see me. I guess next trip will my turn. We spend the majority of our time together laughing, being silly, taking pictures and eating. It is most enjoyable!! I picked her Friday afternoon and we hit the road giggling every second of the way. I drove her down south to our old haunts and met up with old friends. We ate at Olive Garden (a must for us to do when together). We saw the kids play baseball and softball. Went to the Snoqulamie Falls. Toured the chocolate factory. Had tea at Queen Mary's Tea Room, although the Queen was no where to be found. Perused Pike Place. Walked the pier. Saw a movie. And, laughed our hinkle-stiens off. It was a blasty blast and I miss her terribly.

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