September 7, 2007

i have a problem

I now think I have a problem. I faint. I faint at weird, random times. I wonder if there is a fainter's anonymous? This didn't start until later in my life . . . . I was in college the first time it happened. And no it wasn't a drunken black out where I came to having no idea what had happened the night before. I have always gotten a little jittery when I let myself get too hungry. I've been tested for various causes but have either always been borderline or just above so nothing medical was ever prescribed.

The first time I fainted, I was on a galloping horse running across an open field. I fainted and fell right off giving myself a concussion, a fractured pelvis and a broken tail bone. Talk about really bad timing. The second time, I was pregnant with Miss O and in the check out line at Old Navy. The last thing I remember was the gal asking me if I wanted to save 10% on my purchase by opening a credit card . . . . I hit the floor right after that. Talk about embarrassing! Not to mention more really bad timing. Maybe my problem is not that I faint but that my timing really sucks!

I fainted the third time, yesterday afternoon. It was the weirdest thing. My morning was going along okay. I dropped Wonder Boy off at school, took Miss O to her first dance class (see post below) and ran a quick errand. At the errand, I started to feel sick like I was getting the flu the girls had had the week before. As I was driving home, I got really sick feeling and hot and my arms were sort of going numb and weak. I parked the car in the driveway and started to make my way through the garage to get the bathroom (leaving the sleeping girls in the car) and I crashed down to the floor. Flat out, on my belly, laying on the dirty concrete. Good thing we had boxes strewed around that broke my fall. Somehow I managed to get myself together and get the girls in the house and then later I somehow got them back into the car to pick up Wonder Boy at school. Ultimately I did end up spending the rest of my afternoon in the bathroom being sick. That bastard flu bug hit hard and fast! The good thing about this particular virus is that it's quick and dirty and I feel better this morning. Although I'm not a big fan of doctors in general, I think I need to find someone to talk to about his little fainting problem.

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