September 13, 2007

the iris city

I always thought naming children with names of cities or states was a little silly. I guess growing up with an abundance of Austins, Brooklyns, Dallas', Madisons, Jordans and Montanas quickly helped me realize that was not the naming route I wanted to take when I had kids. Although I love traditional, old fashion names for girls, I do love original, creative, strong sounding names for boys. I'm not fond of boy names that end /y/ or /ie/ sounds. I like hard stops that sound strong and bold. So when we stumbled across the name "Griffin" for Wonder Boy, our search was over. At the time, it was not a name we ever heard around. Original? Check! And it is good sounding name that reflected the strapping young man we were about to raise. Strong? Check! Little did I know, I had actually picked out a city name!!! There is such a place named Griffin Georgia aka The Iris City. There's all kinds of interesting little facts about Griffin. Because of my new discovery, I googled each of my children's names. Funny thing, my middle daughter shares her name with The Corn Capital of the World. I, myself, share a name with a little city in Canada. I had no idea!! I haven't found Baby Love's name as a city yet, but I'm sure it's out there. That's karma for ya I guess.

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