January 3, 2015

2014 outlined

Here I am, amidst a lingering holiday hangover. Christmas a distant memory and the New Year awaits. I have been thinking about my hopes, my dreams, and my goals for the new year. 2015! A fresh start. New beginnings. Contemplating how I'm going to do this next year different....better?

So....2014 outlined?

I decided my word for the year would be YES. I would say 'yes' to as much as I possibly could. Try new things, meet new people, see new places. And, for most part, saying 'yes' provided me with some wonderful experiences and some new friendships. For that I'm grateful.

I quietly made my yoga classes a priority. In other words, I made myself a priority. Might sound selfish to some but I took care of myself two days a week and I refused to allow silly things deter me from doing that. Even if that meant not volunteering in my child's classroom or lunching with the ladies. It was a small act of taking control of a piece of my life when most of my life was/is spent taking care of others. Upon doing that, I met a small group of "regulars" and two teachers. I would like to say, I joined their ranks but I have a lot of work to do. Which, by the way, is the beauty of practicing yoga. The classes, the group, the teachers combined have provided me with more enrichment than they'll even know. For that I'm grateful.

I spent a good portion of the year on a ball field rooting my children on. Some would say baseball and softball was all I could think about, talk about. And, sure the game of bats and balls took up a lot of my waking hours, but I'm glad my kids have this outlet and I'm happy to support it. And them. Even if it means washing grass stains out of white baseball pants becomes the bane of my existence come Spring time, for that I'm grateful.

I joined a book club. Not a huge life event, but slightly significant in my world. Mostly because I admire this small, eclectic group of women that come together roughly once a month without biases. We laugh with and listen to each other. Books are discussed but more importantly, so is life. I often feel enlightened and smart and lighter after I've spent an evening with this crew. For that I'm grateful.

I turned 40, which, in a lot of ways, has been a big relief. Almost like the destination has finally been reached. No more waiting and worrying about it. I made it. Phew! I decided to throw myself a party!! Party theme was vintage country. (You know how much I love a theme) Think gingham, cowboy boots, picnic tables, and mason jars. Hosting a shin-dig and being the honoree at the same time was an out of character experience for moi. I've never thrown my own self a party before. Felt sort of awkward at first but it proved to be great fun. We spent an evening in my backyard with laughs, lipsyncing and dancing. For that I'm grateful.

I traveled solo to see my best friend in Michigan per a birthday gift from my hubby. It was much needed and greatly appreciated. All we do, my friend and I, is laugh and act silly and purge our guts out when we are together. We traveled to Mackinac Island, took funny pictures, drank Tim Horton's coffee, sat on her deck, paddled-boated around her lake (got stuck and rescued), got identical tattoos (gasp), talked with southern accents (don't ask), watched movies, cried some, got massages (not couples massage, we aren't that funny), shopped, and basically just breathed the same air for a week. Michigan in the Fall is pretty darn awesome. Spending some time with my bestie was even more awesome! For that I'm grateful.

I started working again!! (the big one) I mustered up some courage and procured a substitute certificate. Stepping back into a classroom has revived my subconscious. I dusted off that dormant part of my brain and put it back into use. When I stepped out of the classroom to raise my family, I never thought I would go back. At first, deciding to be a substitute was a Band-Aid. I wanted to earn some extra income but be able to keep a flexible schedule as well. Subbing was an easy fix since I already had teaching credentials. But, what I've rediscovered is hanging out with these young people fills a void in my life I had sort of forgotten about. For that I'm grateful.

So there you have it, my year in a nutshell. I won some, I lost some, I loved some, and I laughed some. Evolution of life is a balancing act of tightrope walking. You fall down some. I fall down often. But, the trick is deciding how you are going to approach that tightrope on your next try. This new year is a fresh start to learn from mistakes, as well as keeping the things around that worked before getting back up on that wobbly rope.  Deciding how to balance it all differently is the challenge. At least for me that's the case. Another year to try it all again. For that I am grateful.

Here's to a happy new year!

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