July 11, 2014

other stuff

It seems my family can't get too far away from baseball even when we are doing other stuff. But that's okay because we are together and having fun which is really all that matters.
Last weekend we loaded up the car on a whim and hit up a local Aquasox game. We walked right into a very lucky happenstance. Miss Divine was rewarded a first pitch prize.
And throw out the first pitch she did.

She had a blast and loved every minute of it.

The rest of the crew took a lap around the parade loop and was chosen to play a game after the second inning. Webbly wasn't too thrilled by their skills as you can tell. C'mon Webbly!!

In the end Webbly was cool and everyone was happy. The kids ran the bases after the game and the Aquasox brought in a win. Fun Day!!



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