November 25, 2012

tree farm 2012

Every year my wee family and I trek to our favorite tree farm nestled on the side of a mountain. And, through the nine-ish/ten-ish years we've been doing so, this little farm has turned from a quaint little cabin in the middle of a forest of Christmas trees, to a full scale operation. Every season there have been changes and this year wasn't any different. We were surprised to see a huge pole barn standing behind that little cabin complete with fancy heat lamps. But what hasn't changed is the camp fire, free hot cocoa, Santa Claus, the old fire engine and the trees of course.

We jumped at the break in the rain as it's been a monsoon up in these parts. The farm was a bit sloshy because of it. But, the weather wasn't too cold and the hot cocoa was aplenty, so we enjoyed kick starting the holiday season together.

A friend told me not too long ago that her goal for the holiday was to have everything Christmas done by the first of December. That way, the season can be slowed down and enjoyed. Instead of rushed and stressed. I've sorta/kinda been trying to do the same.

Mr. Hawthorne had this week of Thanksgiving off . We enjoyed taking a major chunk out of our Christmas list shopping together while the kidlets were in school.

Consequently, I feel totally on top of this holiday thing this year. Gift shopping is almost complete. Tree has been cut down and brought home. Photos for the Christmas card have been taken. And it's not even December first yet. Booya!

Here's hoping your season is merry and bright.

Happy Holidays!


The Flaky Fashionista said...

You are SO organised ... but I'm curious! Won't the tree be dead by Christmas Day if you get it this early??

little irish said...

Yes/no...We keep it watered so it does ok. Where we live (it's not super dry and hot) so it does ok. Needles start dropping mid-month but not too bad and then it's out the door right after the holiday. ;)

Jaimie said...

Wow!! I need some of your organization to rub off on me!! PPPLease!!? :oD