November 28, 2012


The four day, Thanksgiving weekend came and went. Everyone was healthy and happy. Monday morning rolled around and all my hopes of getting more crap done with everyone out of the house was squashed by this chick. She woke barking like a seal and suffering from random nose bleeds throughout the day. We ventured out today for a quick visit with the doc only to find out sickie doesn't suffer from anything that they will treat with medicine so we are forced to just wait it out.
In other news, my house continues to thrive in a constant state of clutter and mess. It looks like a moving company and a laundromat came in and threw up. Everywhere. My mind-set started out with moving a couch to make room for the Christmas tree. However, it's resulted in a full scale rearrangement of almost every room. I do not have OCD. Sadly. I tend to bounce from one room to the next starting projects only to be interrupted by some other project. In fact, I'm sitting here writing this post when I should be working on (and finishing) one of my many projects. I annoy myself. Maybe I have ADD instead.
My goal is to have everything in tip-top shape by the end of this week. I've got two days left.
Wish me luck.

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