November 7, 2012

four more years

The election of twenty-twelve is, for the most part, over. Halle-freaking-lujah!! The ads on the television was enough to bug the crap out of me. I mean really! They were/are ridiculous! Not to mention every single time one was broadcast across my small screen, I could only think about the amount of money that was wasted.
I don't pride myself to be the most current on all things politics. I pay attention here and there. I form opinions when I've read/researched both sides. And, I ignore the negative banter. I've never written about my views here. Because I don't want to deal with any negative backlash. Who has time for an online, mud slinging, comment war anyway. Not me! That said I plant my feet firmly when it comes to the political views I do posses. 
One thing I know for sure, I will never give my vote to someone who even hints at trying to take the right to choose away from women. Long story, short: I've taken some form of oral contraceptive since I was about twelve years old until I had a hysterectomy in 2008. Not because I was trying to control births but because it was a medical necessity to function and maintain a quality of life. And, thank goodness, I've always had some form of insurance to help make it possible to deal with the cost of my medical needs. However, the contraceptives themselves weren't always covered and I was shelling out thirty to fifty bucks a month back in the day. Which back in the day, was a lot! Actually, still is, methinks!! 
I whole heartily feel it is more than just whether abortions should be legal or not. It's more than planned parenthood passing out free birth control. It is about valuing WOMEN as human beings that can make medical decisions for themselves. Period.
Not only that, I truly believe if the shoe was on the other foot, and a hard fought right of men was being debated. (GASP!) It would NEVER get a second thought. EVER! It would be squashed. Just like that. Never to be brought up again. I hate that this war on "women's right to choose" is constantly battled. It infuriates me in fact!
So I stand, not only for myself but mostly for these two.
I hope you are too.


Jeanne said...

Awesome post! I was so surprised this year at the backlash against women and our rights. And the idiotic comments about rape and how you can't get pregnant or shouldn't have an abortion if you get pregnant due to rape. Guess I am glad they spoke up so I knew not to vote for them!

Jenna said...

I agree with your thoughts, E, 100%!

Jaimie said...

Way to make a stand!! Whoop whoop!!