September 9, 2012

tis the season

And just like that, Fall is here. Yesterday was hot while today is dark and chilly. The weather peeps keep reporting the pending rain. At first I was mad at the lame summer we had here. But, today I have reminded myself that September/October is my favorite time of year. Kids are back to school. Leaves change colors. Sweaters are worn. Muffins and coffee are indulged in. Fireplaces are enjoyed. Pumpkins are hunted. Pies are baked. So I've decided to embrace the fact I will never be warm again!
What else does Fall bring?
El Fuego's second game was yesterday. The team's first win! And, my son has earned himself the nickname "bulldog" (secretly he loves) because of his size. It is also hilarious to me his coaches tagged him as such because I used to say he looked like a bulldog when his was a baby.



TheFlakyFashionista said...

Love your description of Autumn :)

little irish said...

Awe, thanks. And, thank you for coming back to read and all your comments. :)

The good news is we aren't done with summer yet....sunshine is in our future. Yay!

Jaimie said...

I wanted more summer too!! wasn't ready for it to be done… :o/ Guess I'm not in charge of that.
Glad he is having fun at football!

little irish said...

This Indian Summer weather is making up for it. ;)