September 5, 2012

and so it begins

Yesterday was a big exciting day!! The kids met their new teachers and found their classrooms. School supplies were labeled and packed into backpacks. Everyone went to bed early too.
Whoop, Whoop!!
5th grade

3rd grade

1st grade

The moment this mama has been waiting all summer for. But this year is bitter sweet I must say. This is also the last year all three kiddos will be going to the same school, on the same schedule.
After this picture was taken, El Fuego hitched a ride with dad for his job as safety patrol. The girls and I waited for the bus.

I met them at school and got them to their lines, snapped a few more photos and waved goodbye.

They found their friends and away they went. First day of the 2012-2013 school year begins!

Before leaving the building, I tried sneaking a quick shot of El Fuego since I missed getting any photos of him while he was "working". But fifth grade boys are totally over getting their picture taken on the first day of school so a shot of his head was the best I could get. Sigh.


TheFlakyFashionista said...

Your children are gorgeous! I understand how it's bitter sweet. My daughter is in her final year of Primary School - not quite sure where the years went. Seems like only yesterday that she headed off with her uniform skirt flapping against her ankles and a school bag almost as big as herself. Time goes by so quickly!

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Jaimie said...

Wow!! You got them on the bus and followed them to school. :oD
You are an overachiever!!