September 20, 2012

lets get organized

So this process of getting the kids' corner organized has been a long one. A few years ago I made that big chalkboard out of plywood and some chalkboard paint. Mr. Hawthorne 'bolted' it on the wall for me and that was that. I had some plastic office bins and hooks for the kids' school papers and jackets. But I didn't love the way it looked.

Then last month, I spotted a great shelf/organization system in my Martha Stewart magazine and I thought to myself, "Mr. Hawthorne can totally do that for me!"

And did he do!
First, I picked out a paint color to revamp the laundry room. Then, Mr. Hawthorne made the shelf and painted it the same color as the walls.

I couldn't wait to hang up my vintage shutters I've had tucked away for about a year (or more?), added a basket for hats and gloves and a few 'this and thats' for just because.

It looks great!
The kids' jackets and backpacks have a place to hang so they aren't all over the house which I love.


Jaimie said...

I love this! I so need your help!! :o/

I want to do something with a chalk/white board with three hanging file holders to put each of the kid's homework etc. in. I can't find exactly what I'm looking for. But I might, like you, just have to make it myself….Hey DAN!!! :oD

little irish said...

They have so many fun/cool chalkboard paints now. Lots of cool stuff you can do. :)