July 6, 2012

summer time

We have finally jumped into summer! Temperatures are closing in on the low 80s. White skin is being brought out into the sunlight....and in my case, skin that turns a shade of red right quick.

Mr. Hawthorne has been on stay-cation this week. Which is easing me into full time together-ness with the kids. It's been great to have him around the house tinkering on odd jobs that have been piling up. Like yard work and fixing the washing machine and painting the hallway and hosting a garage sale.

This week was broken up with the Fourth of July. We celebrated with friends and walked to the city fireworks show. It was low key and easy going. Just the very way I like to spend my holidays.

We've also done a lot of swimming and slurpee drinking and moving watching and camp fire making and BBQing. So far the summer is turning out to be dandy. Of course my feelings on this topic might change drastically when I'm faced to survive the kids all on my very own.