July 11, 2012

apple cherry

We had these plain, dime-a-dozen, plastic chairs from our old house. Purchased on the cheap for extra seating on the deck. When we moved to our current house,  there wasn't/isn't a deck so no extra seating was needed. So the plain ole plastic chairs got stack and lived out by the shed for three whole years. Truthfully, I sort of forgot about them. And, when I did remember them, they looked gross. Weathered, sun faded and tree droppings piled up in the seats.

Then I remembered my love of spray paint. I walked with my youngest to the nearest hardware store and picked up some apple cherry (red) spray paint for plastic. Her choice on the color. I sort of wanted lime green but she was dead-set on red.

I sprayed those chairs into brand, adorable, new-ness. Really! That is all I did. Just spray paint. No sanding/scuffing. No priming. I hosed those bad boys down and sprayed a can of paint around. So easy!!


I hadn't planned on our new outdoor dining to resemble a pizzeria. But, I love it none the less. When I catch site of the sun shining on those red chairs and checked tablecloth from inside the house, my heart smiles. It feels great to take something forgotten and give it new life.

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Jaimie said...

Oh my gosh! Again!! Great idea!! Love it, but then I love red!