July 21, 2012

backyard camping

Soooo, the hubs and I had been talking about hosting a sleepover for El Fuego and I got a brilliant idea to make it into a camp out in the backyard. Ya know, because I LOVE anything with a theme. About four years ago I picked up a small tent on the cheap for El Fuego's camping birthday party. I had totally forgot about it until Mr. Hawthorne reminding me I had done so. And, with that, the backyard camping sleepover was ON.

We dropped the girls off at grandma's house, pitched the tent in the backyard and hit the dollar store up for fun stuff to keep four boys entertained. Of course, we got the fire pit roaring and ate typical camp grub.

Before it got dark, we had a silly string WAR.

Then plans for flashlight hide and seek like games were played in the dark

Gigantic glow sticks made the hiding a bit difficult however.

We watched a movie and ate popcorn made with an air popper, which might have been a highlight for some. Then shoved the boys into the tent around midnight. They played boardgames and giggled until Mr. Hawthorne told them to go to sleep around 2am.

Note to the parents: much fun was had and no one brushed their teeth.

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Jaimie said...

Haha, you said pitched a tent. Ok sorry! I probably shouldn't say such things!
You are the rock star in parties!! Other people's children scare me… You're awesome!!