February 15, 2012

party planning

As some of you already know about me, I take party planning pretty seriously. Not that I'm a crazed lunatic about making everything perfect and go nutso if my plans don't come off just right. But, you might say my ideas are slightly wacky. What can I say, I love a good theme and I admit, I get excited about all the possibilities.

Mostly, I love to give my children an experience rather than a bunch of things for their milestones. The stuff gets lost, forgotten, aged out of. My goal is to create memories. I can't wait to reminisce about the days we did this party, or how fun that party was, or remembering the cake from that one year, or declaring a favorite theme.

For Petite Artiste's sixth soiree, we decided to do a Scottish Terrier party. As I mentioned before, finding Scottie inspiration around the web has proven to be "ruff". So we started leaning towards a Scottish/Scottie dog theme. Also, near impossible to find that one done before. Which seems impossible to me because can't we find everything we need from the Internet?!?! In my case, not so much!

A little rearranging and some creative thinking had me scouring everything puppy or dog party themed to get my juices flowing. 

Around the holidays I bought up almost every box of Scottie dog cookies and stashed them away. Trader Joes almost always has the black licorice pups. Of course, I have no idea what I'm going to do with them just yet. Party favors? Decorations? Fun treats more or less.

Bone straw cups! Yahoo!! Plaid fabric made into table coverings. Now I'm thinking! Dog bowls found at the dollar store. Score!! Scottie dog napkins found online on clearance. What luck! And Scottish flags. Woot! Things are coming together.

I talked my artistic friend into helping me make Scottie dog masks for the kiddos. They are shaping up to be pretty doggone cute. I still have all the eyes to cut out before we can sew them and add eyebrows to this fun craft. I can say this, a good craft makes me so excited!!

Currently, as I type this, I have dog bones painted blue drying in my front yard. I'm keeping watch in case a wayward squirrel decides to snatch a few.

My idea? I'm going to make dog bone garland for some dog party decorations of course.

Ok, now you can say I'm crazy!

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