February 9, 2012

almost six

In just three short weeks this funny little girl is about to turn six years old. Party planning has been underway and we decided to go with a Scottie Dog theme. Trying to search the Internet for a Scottie Dog theme inspiration has been doggone hard I tell ya. Like there is really nothing out there. Nadda! Luckily, I managed to score some Scottish Terrier shaped cookies and licorice candy from a couple of favorite stores. We hit up the dollar store for dog bowls too. (I wish I took a picture of the face the clerk gave me when she rang up fifteen dog bowls.) I figure serving up some hot'dogs' and some fake dog chow is a must for this shin dig. Franklin and Mavis will take center stage. Cross your fingers our pups will be on their best behavior. And, because, we are tying in the Scottish roots of our doggies, we had to pick up some tartan and Scottish flags too. It's starting to come together. Stay tuned.


design elements said...

adorable! I have 2 boys (2 and 4 years old :)

Happy Monday


Anonymous said...

soo cuutteeeee...............