February 28, 2012

one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

Petite Artiste shares a birthday with none other than Dr. Seuss. She is turning six. And, if Dr. Seuss was alive, he would be turning one hundred and eight. True story!

When in Kindergarten, as Petite Artiste is, Dr. Seuss seems to play a big role in the reading department. Her class has been doing Seussical activities all week. So, since Friday, to my happiness, is a school day and Miss P's birthday, we decided to honor Seussville with a fun fishy favor for her classmates.

I got it in my head to give the kids a little fish bowls filled with colors Goldfish and Swedish fish candies. So I went on a wild "fish" hunt for wee plastic bowls. Since I got this brilliant idea just five days ago, I was sort of out of luck of finding plastic fish bowls on the cheap. I hit up the dollar store and found cute glass bowls and I'm crossing my fingers the kindy kids are careful.
(Please don't break, Please don't break, Please don't break)

In my mad dash around town for fish bowls, I found One Fish, Two Fish stickers at the craft store and cute "Cat in the Hat" hats too. They both made for cute additions if I do say so myself.

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