January 1, 2010

goodbye 2009

I don't think anybody was as excited as me to see the year 2009 go. On this very day, one year ago, I had no idea how hard of a journey I was about to embark on.

The selling of our little old house and the purchasing of our current home was a not a fun experience. I grimace looking back on it. Horrible! And it lasted pretty much the entire year. It wasn't until mid October when we finally arrived, swimming in boxes, and throwing our mattresses on the floor to sleep that I could convince myself it was finally over.

The loss of our family companions pretty much back to back happen in a whirlwind. Our puppy of a year and half from a tragic accident with play-doh. And, then our long time pet of lung cancer. I can't say I ever spent more money on vet bills all the while being completely heart sick than I was during those few months.

I never thought for a moment that I would deal with difficult school situations as last year. My worry and mulling seemed to be on high alert when coupled with all the other stresses. It boggles my mind the pressure and stress we parents put ourselves under when dealing with our children's education. I'm no exception.

The year wasn't a total loss, however. We did end up selling our house and buying a new place to call home. I think we will happy here. We celebrated three fantastic birthdays. We opened our hearts to two new puppy additions, Franklin and Mavis. Although, I fear I will never get these two potty trained!! The kids seem well adjusted and happy. The holidays were fun and stress free. Mr. Hawthorne has a stable job and we all have good health.

We welcomed 2010 in with a special dinner, putting the kids to bed at normal their normal bed-time, watched a movie and snuggled in bed to catch the fireworks on tv from the Space Needle. All-in-all, perfect. Hello New Year, may you be brave, happy and fabulous!

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