January 11, 2010


Tonight I casually looked at my own profile. I was shocked to see the little profile all the way down on the bottom right hand corner has been hit one thousand and one hundred times. That's one thousand and one hundred people who have been curious to read more about me. Me!! Can you believe it? No, I know. I can't either. Sadly, I disappoint I'm sure for all it says is that I'm a wife of one and a mom of three. Snooze. I should add I have two puppies that pee all over my family room floor no matter how many times I tell them it's bad to so. They don't care. And, that I often skip showers because it doesn't improve my appearance much however I hate to offend so I keep myself smelling good and bathed. You're welcome. I live among clutter in spite of loathing it but old habits rarely die and I'm a sentimental fool who hates to throw away "memories". I love browsing antique shops and party stores. Women wearing too much perfume and blush drive me a little insane as well as burn my nose hairs. Conan O'Brien makes me smile. Taylor Swift does not. I never wear make up but love Sephora. I know. Walking contradiction here. I do not like ladybugs, unloading the dishwasher and folding laundry not in that order but hate all equally the same. One can never accuse me of not being fair.

I could also add I've recently become Twilighter. Don't hate me please. I stayed away as long as could but in preparations for a recent 5 hour plane flight and a hand-me-down book was a hard combination to refuse. I succumbed. I apologize. I'm funnier when I drink a margarita and I enjoy myself fully when I've done so. Although, consider yourself warned as I'm a lightweight and it only takes one. Actually, more like half of one. But, I'm a riot if I do say so myself. My husband loves me in spite of being the good, the bad and the ugly at any given moment. I love trashy reality TV shows and Urban Dictionary. We recently moved after a very long and agonizing journey known as "selling a house".

And how I skipped, jumped and hopped onto the OR table for my hysterectomy just over one year ago for that was one of the top ten best decisions I've ever made in my life to date. What are the other nine? Not sure yet but I know getting a hysterectomy is on the list for sure. I do not consider myself book smart but I ooze common sense. I cannot tan. I have two shades, white and red. It's not sexy. It's my 2010 goal to acquire passports for everyone in my family so I can take my Canada loving son to Canada. I also have a 2010 goal to try a spin class. Wish me luck now because I'll need it. I adore people who can do imitations. And, funny words make me giggle. Oh, and, I giggle a lot. Sometimes at very inappropriate times which only makes me giggle even more. I also never call people by nick names unless they've introduce themselves as that being their name. If I met you as Sandra, you will always and forever will be Sandra to me, never Sandy. Melissa will never be Missy. Linda will never be Lynn. Elizabeth will never be Liz, etc, etc. Movies based on true stories fascinate me. I love a good tune. And, when I reflect on my life, it often has background music. I wish there was one thing I did really, really well effortlessly. Wouldn't matter what it was as long as it came easy to me and I was awesome at it. Because damn it, I really want to be awesome!

And, last but not least I could add...

Drum roll please....

After 1,100 profile hits the most popular googled/binged post of Little Irish is a little somethin-somethin I whipped up involving an exacto knife and clip art. It boggles my mind. I think if I want more hits and profile look-ups, I should write Strawberry Shortcake, like I just did, into every post somehow. Stealth, I tell ya....


Emily said...

One thing you do really well? Are you kidding? I'm sure there are thousands.
One thing you do really really well is ooze goodness and light. You make people feel good. Not many people do that well.
I LOVED that post. I love learning more about friends.
And go easy on Taylor Swift. I heart her.

Angela_Cheerios and Pearls Necklace Stories said...

You are a wonderful wonderful wonderful and a very happy (at least you always look like that!) girl. Keep a super fun blog going. I love to read it :-)

Erin said...

Thanks friends! :D

And, I'll try to lighten up on Taylor...only for you though. Hee hee.