January 13, 2010

adventures of franklin & mavis: month 5.5

Franklin and Mavis had their biggest adventure to date this morning. At 5.5 months, they got up bright, early and full of excitement. They were confused about skipping breakfast but both were happy to take a "drive" however unknowingly they arrived at the veterinarian's office. Franklin caught on fairly quickly and refused to get out of the car. Mavis thought she was there to visit with friends and get treats. After receiving lots of hellos and pets they both deposited giant poops on the floor. Then, they were whisked away to the very mysterious backroom where they are never allowed not realizing I had left. After that their adventure, I'm sure, was not all that pleasant as Franklin was neutered and Mavis was spayed. They are home now and feeling good, wanting to play. Playing is NOT allowed for ten to twelve days. I have no idea how I'm going to keep two very active puppies calm that long. It will surely prove to be an adventure for me.

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