November 13, 2009

today, i think i'll buy a shelf

Happy Friday the 13th to you!! Weird. I was in an antique shop yesterday wondering if I could spy a well made (on the cheap side) shelf, when an older lady pointed out today's date to me. Funny, it hadn't even crossed my mind. I wonder if people still believe bad luck will happen to them on this day of supposed bad luck??

Anyway, I'm on the hunt for a shelf or two (if they are cheap aka: Target). We have loads of children's books. I love picture books and great stories for my kids and I currently have four boxes sitting on the top of the stairs waiting to be shelved. So that is my mission today. Along with folding the umpteenth piles of clothing. I do not like that chore one bit. One bit I tell you. If I could have a folding fairy and a unloading the dishwasher fairy come to my house every morning...I would be one happy person. Well, happy if the sleep fairy would come every night and ensure I would feel well rested all day long. can dream!

The house is slowly getting unpacked. It takes so much time and energy. Between the kids and the dogs and my duties as "mom" I feel like I only get these tiny bursts of time to actually do anything house related. And when I do get those bits of moments, I'm just too friggin' tired to do anything. Hence, the lack of updated blog posts here. Sorry about that friends!!

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