November 17, 2009


We interrupt this regular scheduled blog post with a brief act of doggie cuteness. And, by brief, I mean this was very, very short lived. The pups weren't having any of this "put stuff on my head while I stand still and stare at a dog treat so you can take a picture and laugh at me" opportunity. They weren't having it at all!

In other news...I bought a round trip airline ticket for one to visit my dearest friend in Michigan. I'm excited to see my peeps and enjoy some of the holiday festivities in the Midwest. I leave in just over three weeks. It's my goal to get everything in tip top shape and order before I fly off. We've made some major head way on unpacking the house and getting organized. However I still feel like we have a long way to go.


Splendid Willow said...

Ok, girlie! Obviously I must have been sleeping under a rock!

1) You have moved! Congratulations! (Are you closer to us?). When can we visit?

2) Your new blog design looks amazing!

3) The dogs are cuter than the cutest

4) You are going on a fun trip!

Talk VERY soon?!

And Miss Elsa still talks about Olivia!

Hug, Mon

Erin said...

Hello You!! I peeked at your blog the other day...lovin' all the design inspiration. Yes, we finally moved last month. It was a long haul in the making but it happened. We are pretty much around the corner from you...will be at your school next year too I think. O still chats of E as well. Yes, come visit! Anytime! :D