November 29, 2009

dear mr. hawthorne

I have a husband and he's pretty great. I call him Mr. Hawthorne because we once did one of those silly quizzes where you figure out your stripper name using the first street you lived on and the name of your first pet. Sam Hawthorne was just too funny not to dub my it stuck. Today is his birthday and he is 41. I hope it is super! We don't have much planned so it seems a little boring compared to his last birthday when he turned 40. When we dropped the kids off at my parents and hopped a plane to Disneyland spending Thanksgiving (and his birthday) with Mickey and Minnie. The afternoon we got back home, he hit the road to see AC/DC. So you see, this year doesn't seem as exciting. But, I hope he knows we love him and we wish him a very, very happy birthday!!

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