November 4, 2009

hello november

It is amazingly crazy how fast the month of October flew by. If you asked me what I did last month (or yesterday for that matter) I honestly couldn't tell you. I'm living in auto-pilot mode. You know in the movies, when they have the main character is standing still in real-time drinking their coffee, checking their watch, scratching their heads while all the crazy things are happening around them in fast-forward. Kids playing (or fighting) around their feet, days passing from light to dark, spouses talking in their ears, dogs pooping in the corner. That's what I've felt like. Exactly. When my head hits the pillow at night, I always think why the heck I didn't get there sooner because it feels so good.

In other words, I can not believe it is November already. This month is full of days off from school, teacher conferences and Thanksgiving. As I've mentioned before, it is my goal to have majority of the house unpacked by the holiday. However, at this very moment, it seems like that goal is a stretch.

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