October 11, 2009

my favorite holiday

El Fuego requested to be a secret agent for Halloween this year. (Pssst: it's also his party theme for his ninth birthday) I went on a hunt for a suit and while browsing a consignment shop, this little tux jumped out at me. I bought it and brought it home. El Fuego was slightly confused. He asked where his tools go and why didn't he have a ski mask. I responded by asking him if he had ever heard of the coolest secret agent James Bond who had the coolest of coolest tools and gadgets all the while looking suave. An agent so cool, in fact, that he is referred to by three numbers only. He is pondering the situation and I'm trying to figure out a few gadgets to stuff into his pockets to finish this costume off.
Miss Divine is going to wear her Fancy Nancy dress from her sixth birthday party. I picked up a red wig and we will go all out making it look fancy and divine.
The funny thing about packing a house up is you find all the stuff you forgot about. Like this cute cheerleader costume or the handmade kitty costume I made for Miss Divine about four years ago.

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Stephanie said...

Halloween is my favorite holiday too! That and Thanksgiving, that is! Another thing... I love the new 'little irish' banner on your site. And another thing... don't you DARE mention the word Christmas again until at least Nov. 1st!! ;) Lol!