October 3, 2009


Are you scared?? Well, I was when I read we only have 12 weeks until Christmas. Yes, I just wrote the word Christmas in October. Holy smokes!! Halloween hasn't even arrived but seeing {simplemom} write about the pending deadline around the corner, my head was flooded with the upcoming holiday.

This year will be different for us. We've celebrated the holidays in our current house for the last seven years. Decorating and enjoying our traditions in new surroundings will be a new experience for us all. The very thought of the new-ness we are about to embark on is still odd for me. It's hard to wrap my brain around us actually moving after 10 months of sitting on the housing market.

I am eager to have this all behind us however. I'm looking forward to being in our new house and setting up shop. I love to decorate kid bedrooms and this time around I'll have three. The girls' bedrooms are already planned out. I'm still thinking about El Fuego's new set up. I feel the need to give him something more grown up this time around.

Anyway, back to Christmas....12 weeks people!!! 12 weeks!

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