July 7, 2009

happy fourth of july

A little late posting but it's only been a couple days since I've had my brand new laptop. Yay me!! I've been playing around with the new gadgets and trying to get myself set up with important things like email and facebook.

Anyway, we had an impromptu and fabulous fourth of July. We woke up not really knowing what we would be doing. We could drive to the city fireworks show (which I wasn't too thrilled about if I'm being honest) or just hang around the house and eat. We ended up at Mr. Hawthorne's sister and brother-in-law's house. Which turned out to be perfect. We enjoyed a little water play with cousins and some little girl we didn't know. But whatever...the more the merrier.

We are not allowed to shoot off fireworks in our city but there was no such law around these parts. El Fuego experienced his first taste of pyro mania and loved every minute of it.

Hope your holiday was just a great!

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