June 12, 2009

my junebaby is not a baby anymore

Yesterday was Miss Divine's birthday. The kids and I decided to skip school and schedules and head to the zoo where Miss Divine could spend her first day being six. It turned out to be a fabulous day and we had much fun touring the zoo and it's many delights.

First stop: Flamingos which might be Miss Divine's most favorite.

El Fuego wanted to do the bird feeding and he was so shocked when a bird landed on his hand for a snack. It was awesome! Miss Divine didn't have as much success however. She had to be convinced the birds were just too full.

The otters and bears have always proven to be a great stop. We love watching the frisky otters swim and marvel at just how close we can get to the Grizzlies. Amazing!

Face painting was up next. We had never done this before but in honor of Miss Divine's day, we splurged.
El Fuego picked a wolf.

Petite Artiste picked Elmo.

Miss Divine picked a "Cheetah". From this point on, many people inquired and pointed at her adorable face. I started to feel like she had turned into an exhibit herself.

We stopped at Trophy Cupcakes on the way home on a whim. I think we need to make this fabulous haunt a tradition. I loved everything about it from it's adorable cupcakes to the vintage inspired party supplies.

And, what's more adorable then a flamingo topper I ask you?!?

Present time!! Notice Miss Divine's face matches some of the wrapping paper I used. I didn't plan that, I swear!

It was a fun day!!

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