June 22, 2009

dive'n in

I love this photo....I saw it on happy life via cig harvey. And, when I clicked over to the website, I became smitten with the work of cig harvey completely. Oh to be that talented. This photo, however, is a reflection of how I'm feeling this first official day of summer vacation. Diving in. Head first. Suddenly, our very hectic schedule has become extremely slow. Much needed I must admit. Although, somehow, it feels strange going from constantly running to the next "thing" to only having two commitments each week.

The children have behaved like caged animals this overcast Washington day. I have refereed several squabbles already. I often refer my life to that of a fire fighter. When things are calm and good, all is peaceful. But, when the sparks fly, I find myself running around putting out fire after fire. Trying to keep the peace and contain the damage. Any one living with small people in their house, knows that one fire leads to another and another. And, soon you are counting down the minutes to bedtime.

11:00am.....countdown begins.....

1 comment:

Pat said...

Well, take the water you're diving into and throw it on the fires. That will put them out pretty fast!

And before you know it, you'll be looking forward to school starting again!:0)

Love ya,