June 9, 2009

moving forward

This last month has been exhausting and stressful. With the termination of our house sale, we were forced to pull out of the purchase of the house we where buying. Sadly, two weeks ago, that house ... "our" house went under contract with another buyer. The market has been slow and we haven't seen much action since we re-listed even with the amount of traffic we've had. Our older and wiser dog of almost 14 years started to suffer from her lungs collapsing and last week we said goodbye. This, coming off the heels of the tragic, freak accident with our 18 month old puppy ending in his death.

In the midst of all the usual life stuff and kid activities, I somewhere thought it would be a good idea to potty train our three year old. What in blazing hell was I thinking I ask you. Between, running children to and from softball, baseball, dance, tae kwon do, speech, art class, cub scouts and school, I decided throwing a urine leaking preschooler in the mix was just what I needed to do. All the while trying to keep my home in tip-top, perfectly presentable cleanliness. AT. ALL. TIMES. Completely ludicrous. I haven't taken much time to stop and really think about all that has happened recently for I know I might just end up shutting down all together. I keep myself sane by just moving forward and trying to find laughter along the way.

I'm starting to see a bit of light through this long tunnel however. Petite Artiste is indeed potty trained!! School is coming to an end. Dance recitals have been preformed. School songfests and poem readings are finished. Softball and baseball seasons are over. (Thank God!) Cub scouts is winding down. Birthday parties have been enjoyed. Graduations and class parties have been planned. Treat bags have been prepared. The dust is finally starting to settle. I'm emerging, with eyes squinting, into the light. The house is quieter and I'm carrying around some extra pounds ... but that is another post.

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