June 9, 2009

fancy birthday

Miss Divine turns six on Thursday and we honored her pending achievement this past weekend. We are huge Fancy Nancy fans. We have all her books and we read her stories repeatedly. We read them so often in fact, that Miss Divine knows them by heart. Fancy Nancy is absolutely stupendous and we adore her ddddaarrrrhhhhhlllliiinnggss!

I sent out invitations to our fancy butterfly soiree about a month ago to give our marvelous guests a chance to rearrange their schedules. This was one shindig they didn't want to miss.

We put together the most divine favor bags a girl could hope for in her quest to become fancy.

We set out a table for all the girls to adorn themselves with the most desirable and attractive jewelry and crowns one can find from Oriental Trading Company.

We had table reservations at "The King's Crown" for ten very fancy girls.

Ten fancy girls who made their own mini pizzas and parfaits!

Miss Divine also had a small butterfly desert but we decided after all the parfait making and enjoying that it was better to not cut into the cake adding more sugar to the fanciness.

We enjoyed a fabulous afternoon together filled with fancy and fun!

Ohh la la..

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Stephanie said...

How fun! Seriously you are the queen of birthday partys!! They look like they all had a fabulous time. And I absolutely love, love, love that last picture of the birthday girl!!! Tell her happy birthday from her friends here in Oly. :D