November 15, 2008

ya only turn 40 once

J turns 40 two days after Thanksgiving this year. We had talked about throwing a party or hitching a plane to Vegas for the weekend. We played around with both ideas. I thought trying to have a party so soon after a holiday wouldn't go over so well and so many friends are out of town during the four day weekend so we ditched that idea. We played around with the Vegas idea quite a bit, but you just can't hop a super cheap flight to Vegas anymore. It's down right spendy.

We joked about going to Disneyland, alone, without the kids.

We couldn't do that.

But could we???


Last night we searched the internet and found that it was about the same price to go to California and spend three days in Disneyland as it would be to fly down and spend two days in Vegas. After clearing the childcare situation with my gracious parents, we booked it. GULP!! Neither of us went as kids so we are super excited to run around and do all the older rides and activities. We took the kids two years ago (our very first trip) and had planned on going again when Baby Love was three. Can you tell we are trying to squash the guilty feelings? We will probably do Christmas shopping as well...bonus and more squashing of guilt feelings. The kids love Camp Grandmaw and I have a feeling mom will enjoy spending Thanksgiving with the kids this year.


::Squash, squash::

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