November 11, 2008

two weeks

Yesterday, I was officially two weeks out from surgery. All in all, I'm feeling good. I'm able to move around, sleep comfortably and drive a car again. I'm still a little slow moving and swollen; and I feel super stiff at the end of the day but I can't complain. Because I don't have an incision to heal from, recovery has been quicker and easier. I relate the whole experience to feeling like I had a baby without the sore boobs and crying infant.

In other news: A yucky cough and cold has been passed around the house and finally landed in my nose and throat. J went back to work this week. And, my house is a huge mess. My mailbox has been inundated with catalogs galore gearing up for the Christmas season. I want to buy everything and wished I had a house with a cool basement or attic to convert in an awesome playroom for kids' imaginations to go wild. The Divine Miss O has spent the last two days in a red dance recital costume and pink leg warmers. A rain and wind storm is due to hit us this afternoon. Wonder Boy has been practicing his Rock Band coordination skills while playing the guitar and singing at the same time. Baby Love is becoming quite the petite artiste and no wall, furniture or body part is safe from her talents. And I'm dreaming of a nice, long, cozy nap.

Recent pet peeve: Phony people! Cut the crap already...we can all see what you're playing at and nobody is buying it.

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