November 18, 2008


Today, I got a flu shot.
Today, I went to the craft store.
Today, I looked at my phone and saw the time was an hour later then I thought and panicked.
Today, I had a mini-heart attack.
Today, I called my hubby and he told me the real time and I was ok again.
Today, I got a Starbucks coffee and my favorite baguette.
Today, I got addicted to Facebook and Etsy...again.
Today, I exchanged emails with an old friend.
Today, I sang the Strawberry Shortcake song with certain toddler about a million times.
Today, I decided what 3rd birthday party theme we would celebrate certain toddler with.
Today, the principal called me from Wonder Boy's school.
Today, I almost pooped my pants when I realized who was calling me.
Today, I breathed a sigh of relief when I learned it wasn't bad news.
Today, I got jiggy with it and danced with The Divine Miss O in the living room.
Today, I realized we don't have curtians on the living room window and all could see me getting jiggy with it.
Today, I didn't care.
Today, I thought about people who've made me feel bad.
Today, I decided said people aren't worth thinking about.
Today, I downloaded fun new songs onto my zune.
Today, I sang at the top of lungs to an old Kenny Loggins tune with Wonder Boy.
Today, I went to Weight Watchers and saw I had gained three pounds since surgery.
Today, I told myself three pounds in three weeks is not that bad.
Today was a good day.

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