November 9, 2007

yes, I am that mom

I admit it. At first, very reluctantly. Now, however, I admit it and I will not feel ashamed or embarrassed by it. I am that mom! You know, the one you roll your eyes about when you are an office staff at a local elementary and you see me coming down the hall. Why? Because you know, I'm coming to make you have to think about your job and concentrate on the reason we take the little things into consideration. The details we have meetings about. The mom who annoys you and troubles you to make the extra effort. The one who inquires about the events that occurred or policies that should be followed. Yes, damn it! I'm that mom!!


I was greeted this morning by a mother of a fellow student in Wonder Boy's class. She was nervous and upset. She didn't know how to approach communication with me. At first I was panicking thinking Wonder Boy had done something to her son and I was horrified. After piecing half sentences and thoughts together, she managed to tell me she witnessed our children going into a boys' restroom with a custodian yesterday afternoon. She was upset and unsure as she eavesdropped on the conversation being had by the three. She wanted to know if I thought she should talk to someone. And of course, I said YES! "This morning!" "Right now!" "No waiting!!" I said. She asked if I would go with her. And again, of course, I said yes.

We met the principal after lots of shuffling and running around. I was still not totally clear on the exact details. But this I did know. My son went into a restroom with a male and I'm not okay with that. EVER! The meeting was chaotic and the conversation was fuzzy. Still not able to completely process the situation, I left feeling uneasy and unsupported by the principal of my child's school. The one person, above all others, I should be able to entrust his care and well being with. the more I stewed and pondered it all, the more upset and pissed off I became.


After talking with Wonder Boy and his classmate's mom more, we filled in the missing pieces. Apparently, the two boys went to the bathroom at recess and found a mess. Someone had painted all over the walls in the boys bathroom. The two boys went to the office to inform them of the situation. The Secretary called the custodian on the walkie talkie and then sent the boys back out to finish up recess. On their way back out, they ran into the custodian and then showed him where the mess was. Innocent enough, I know. And whether the boys led the custodian into the bathroom (which was most likely the case) of the boys were led into the bathroom by the custodian is beside the point. The three of them were in the bathroom by themselves. ALONE. This seemingly innocent situation could have had devastating results. Only takes a minute. And none of us would have ever been able to forgive ourselves if it had.


I plan on writing a letter to the principal and vice principal informing them both of the facts that we do know. I will expect follow up and confirmation this will never happen again. If it does, I want serious consequences taken. I will not let this drop. We don't get second chances when it comes to our kids. So yes I am that mom. And by God I am damn proud of it!

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