November 25, 2007


I've made lots of "to do" lists for myself before. But I hate to admit it, I'm the queen of never following through. The sole purpose of a to do list is to set goals for yourself, accomplish those goals and knowing the feeling of satisfaction when crossing each item off your list when the task was finished. I would make the to do lists, admire my organization but I could never get to the "accomplishing the tasks and crossing them off" part. And if I did finish a job, I would have had long misplaced the list. The other day, I wrote a huge list for myself and mentally I have been checking the things off in my mind. But this morning, I wrote down a handful of little jobs I needed to get done today. And low and behold, I accomplished the little list. And truthfully it did feel good to cross each thing off as I completed the task.

I've been working on some small projects today. I made this little bag for The Divine Miss O's friend. Every Thursday my friend and her daughter pick Miss O up from her preschool and drop her and her friend off at dance class. I'm eternally grateful for this help.

You might have noticed the little "shop handmade" section over there to the right. My friend and I are starting a little endeavor. I make shirts and she makes pants. Together we have little cute outfits. We decided to put some together and see if they sell on Today, I started two ideas. Gingerbread girls on pink shirts anyone??? She will be much cuter when all her embellishments are added. I love the mittens top. It might just be my favorite so far. I'm working on a penguin top too. But he's not finished. I'll let you know when we post our first projects for sale!!

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