March 14, 2013

march second

And then she was seven.
Our baby is no longer a baby anymore. She is officially a kid, full of sparkle and glitz. She bleeds glitter and has a rhythm of her own. Meaning she takes her sweet (often excruciating) time in everything she does but once she gets there, she is a solid force to be reckoned with.
True story. And, don't go thinking I'm some weird nut job. When my older daughter was born we knew what we wanted to name her and that was her name. But! About two seconds after our second little bundle slid into the world, another name came to me. A name for a girl. At that very instant I knew we would have a third baby and what HER name would be. [Insert Twilight Zone music here]

Our newly crowned seven year old announced she wanted a costume party so on November 1st, I headed out and scoured all the clearance Halloween goodies. But, because I got so sick before her birthday, we had to rearrange plans a bit. Instead of whooping it up at home with a big costume party, we celebrated with a costume bowling party. Kids came in their favorite getups and we bowled under the neon lights. All in all, it turned out great.
Being a big kid now (and because her mom feels some slight guilt for not being able to celebrate her big day) we've decided to take the baby out of her bedroom and make it fit for a seven year old. Sadly, the nursery elephants are coming down (sniff) and this girl is going glam. Which makes this little fashionista's heart skip a beat. Stay tuned.

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