March 11, 2013

I'm here...

Scrub, scrub, itch, scratch, scrape, scraping off the moss over here. Seems like all the last posts up in this joint start with apologies for going so long in between posts. And, yet again, I feel the need to say "oops, I did it again!" I played with your heart and then got lost in my life. Oh Britney, what we would do with her catchy lyrics.

Truth is, my mother and I whisked ourselves off to Costa Rica and had a fabulous time. But after our return, I became very ill. I spent a better part of two and half weeks laying around and like all things in the Pacific Northwest that sits idle too long, moss starts to take over.

I don't want to go into gory details so here goes. For the last month I have been treated for an infectious disease called Dengue Fever. Don't be scared peeps. Unlike a cold or the flu, Dengue is a transmitted infectious disease, not contagious. It started with a raging sore, swollen throat and minor body aches at first. The physician assistant at my regular doctor's office concluded pretty much nothing except that I did not have strep throat.

Then it got way worse.

After suffering through four days of feeling like I was an arthritic 90 year old that just got hit by a bus and left in the ditch, my husband started doing some research on the good ole internet. He decided all my symptoms matched Dengue but I thought it all sounded too exotic and far fetched. However, not being able to use my hands and feeling like a crippled up, pile of painful goo, I decided to search out an infectious disease doctor because it was, is more painful than childbirth while running a marathon after winning the local hotdog eating contest. It hurts yo!

To date there is no cure. (I've heard they are trial testing a vaccine however) So like all viruses, you have to wait it out. Armed with some pain medications I was able to peel myself back up onto my feet. I still have some lingering minor pain mostly in my wrists and knees but it's tolerable now.

So that folks, in a nutshell, is why I haven't been around. My apologies.

I do have so much to share with you though. Costa Rica for one. Oh how I adore that little nook of the world. And, the kids' basketball season which overlapped the start of baseball season. My eleven year old's first (and hopefully last) in-school suspension. Ugh! Miss Petite's seventh fete too. Not to mention the household fun that was had when we discovered our septic tank was backed up. Oh and I'm pregnant!!!

Gotcha! I was just testing to see if you were still with me on this current ramble. I'm sooo not pregnant. Three will be the death of me, a fourth would surely kill me.


Carrie said...

Holy cow! Don't throw in a comment like, "I'm pregnant" like that! My stomach just did a little flip for you. LOL

The Flaky Fashionista said...

Ok, when you mentioned you were pregnant, my jaw dropped! Funny girl! Sorry to hear you've been so ill. Fingers crossed that you'll be well on the mend very soon.

little irish said...

Hee hee. I thought I would throw a little April Fools in there. :)